Our Patronage

defines who we are.

SourceIT is a leading HR platform conceived with an objective to revolutionize the way HR impacts the world. However we are positive change-makers not solely on account of our own strength, but because of our group of companies that share our vision & lend us their expertise.

Hands-On Services is a Facility Management firm with professionals having years of experience in maintaining large modern-day facilities. Hands-On has enormous expertise in facility management services. With business values, good understanding and impeccable commitment, Hands-On has successfully retained and served our valuable client’s. We understand the specific requirements of the clients and enable them to concentrate their focus & energy on their core business.

Hands-On Services is a professionally managed organization offering 360-degree facility solutions, including Housekeeping, Pantry, & Business Support Services such as Electromechanical, Guesthouse Management, Horticulture, Pest Control, Healthcare Management Services. Hands-On has a demonstrated history of serving clients facross all the industry segments through direct access and interaction with our managing director.

The idea of of UNH Management Services was to simplify all the HR-related Services using the tech- based approach for businesses under one roof. At UNH, we have integrated Consulting with innovation and strategic technology in a web-based system for Total HR Services and Compliances Solutions.

UNH is known for understanding each of our customer’s requirement, and providing with wide spectrum of Human Resources solutions and the specific support that businesses find themselves in need of.

Statcomp Services is a team of India’s leading technology driven Labour Law Compliance Consultants.

Statcomp has gained a reputation among it’s clients for it’s technology-based, transparent, trustworthy and expert support in regards to the specific Complaince Services that they were seeking for their businesses