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Temporary Staffing is an ideal solution for organizations that are in need of urgent work force due to lack of permanent staff. UNH Management Services offers a single window for all your Temporary staffing needs, pan India. We provide a standard and efficient process of staffing and managing the entire life cycle of employees according to your roles and requirements across the country. We also take care of candidate-migrations on the UNH Management Services payroll at multiple locations. We manage the entire lifecycle of candidates. Furthermore, you can rest assured while a dedicated team manages the statutory compliance requirements across multiple locations for your business & a dedicated Relationship Manager – SPOC takes care of your staffing requirements We also maintain MIS reports and candidate queries/grievances for your business.

Facilities Management

Integrated Facility Management Services at Source IT focuses on helping businesses streamline communication decision-making between business leaders and facility managers to increase the efficiency of your building(s) or office(s). Outsourcing Facility management can make it easier to keep a track of day-to-day operations while making the management a smoother transaction.

Source IT focuses on providing Integrated Facility Management (IFM) solutions that aim at various goals which in turn help you make your business thrive on a higher level. These goals include everything from creating comfortable, inviting & hygienic spaces to meeting government and industry regulations & standards.

We also take care of safeguarding the quality and maintenance of your systems and equipment, protecting them as the valuable investments & assets they are. Source IT Facility management services takes full responsibility of ensuring the safety of your workers and boosting productivity of employees and the facility itself.

Payroll Management

We offer complete Payroll Outsourcing, Payroll Management Services and Payroll Compliances (PF, ESIC, PT and MLWF). At Source IT, we take care of the Labour Law Management with our advanced and efficient Web based approach. Our professional payroll management experts keep a check on Establishment Compliances such as Maternity Benefits Act, etc. Furtheron, we make sure that your business is ready for every Labour Law Compliance Company Audit and up- to-date with the newest protocols or alterations. Similarly, we also work on the Labour Law Compliance Vendor Audit for your business, ensuring that the regulatory compliance is being followed. As part of our payroll management services, our clients also avail the benefit of expert Advisory, Representation and Liaison, if the need arises.

Compliance Management

Keeping up to date with state and federal legislation can be frustrating and time consuming. However, growing organizations must comply with ever-changing laws and manage personnel better.

Non-compliance may result in penalties and even potential jail-terms for Senior Management. HR teams are expected to ensure that companies treat their employees fairly and operate legally. When working on compliance management for your company, Source IT follows all Labour Compliance Acts applicable to your company.

Furthermore, we ensure full transparency of applicability, fulfilled compliances and non-compliances for the current month along with the management history is provided at every step. A labour compliance domain expert is appointed for a customized solution that is best suited to meet each clients needs.

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