Insta Solutions

Insta Solutions is Gig working online technology driven platform which delivers project/ product based services through a team of independent contractors, retainers and freelancers, in most seamless technology based and transparent way to support the businesses for their specific services.

What is Gig Worker ?

“Gig worker” means a person who performs work or participates in a work arrangement and earns from such activities outside of traditional employer-employee relationship

Gig workers are independent contractors, retainers, freelancers, online platform workers, contract firm workers, on-call workers and temporary workers. Gig workers enter into formal independent contractor agreements with on-demand companies to provide services

Gig workers are subject to self-employment taxes. They are in charge of their own taxes and benefits which are often covered by companies.

Gig workers are not hired as an employee to the company that chooses them. They often work on projects or for set periods of time with a desired end result to work toward.

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