HandsOn Services

Hands-On Services is a professionally managed organization offering 360-degree facility solutions, including Housekeeping, Pantry & Business Support Services such as Electro-mechanical, Guesthouse Management, Horticulture, Pest Control, Healthcare Management Services. Hands-On has a demonstrated history of serving clients across all the industry segments through direct access and interaction with our managing director. Labour and employment regulations in India are significantly different from other similar jurisdictions with its very own distinctive features. Labour laws, regulations, rules and policies are constantly evolving to adapt the rapid changes in workplace due to technology advancement, digitalisation, and mobility in general and in the Indian context all the more in the backdrop of the Indian Government’s initiative to make the Indian business environment investor friendly. It is essential for the foreign companies to know the local relevant laws and the latest changes in this field in order to avoid any future risks and liabilities triggered by the business activities in India.