Holidays are a significant aspect of our lives. Holidays should indeed be spent resting and spending time with family or doing something else. The question is how are you going to manage the work? Even when on vacation, you can’t always afford to leave your work at home. It’s nearly impossible when you’re running a business of your own.

Here are some tips for dealing with the Employee time-off smoothly:

Advance Planning

Advance Planning of Leave during working period

Always plan for the holiday season, this way you can prioritize tasks and finish them before the holiday season. This approach is ideal for the organization’s overall efficiency.

Schedule Staggering

Schedule your work before holyday leave

Even if you can’t keep a full crew over the holidays, that doesn’t imply you have to stay closed or provide a poorer quality of service. One alternative is to have one employee work Monday through Tuesday and another work Wednesday through Friday. The goal of a staggering employee vacation plan is to ensure that coverage is always available while also allowing employees to take time off over the holidays.

First Come, First Served

First Come, First service

If you run a company that is busy over the holidays or needs to be staffed 24/7 all year, one method to prevent employees from taking enormous amounts of time off is to restrict the number of employees who can take time off and give them off on a first-come, first-served basis. If they know they will need time off over the holidays, they should request it well in advance.

Maintain a Pool of Part-Time Employees

Also Consider Part time employee

If you have a seasonal business or know that a large portion of your team will be away during the holiday period, it’s a good thing to keep a pool of part-timers on hand to call on when you need extra assistance.

Offer a Holiday Pay

Holyday Pay Off

Offering a holiday pay difference helps keep your company staffed since money matters to certain employees. This practice should be part of the organization’s strategy, not something you provide solely to persuade an employee not to leave.

Outsourcing or Networking

Outsource your work

The holiday season is a time for everyone, and it’s likely that many of your staff will be on vacation. In that case, any outsourcing agency in your field can provide you with developers, designers, web marketers, and practically any other form of skill on an hourly basis.

Vacation Blackout Period

Vacation Period
The holidays are indeed the busiest time of year for several companies, having a blackout period where no one can leave is one great approach to prevent employees from taking time off. It’s a great idea to notify staff about the blackout policy from the start so they aren’t caught off guard over the holidays.

Working From Home

Work From Home

Almost everyone nowadays has a laptop, iPad, or smartphone that allows them to work from anywhere. Allowing your employees to work from home during the holidays, if they don’t need to be on-site, could be a productive method to get things done without having to hire more people.


Holidays are a pleasant time, and it is critical to keep your staff happy and alleviate their stress so they can concentrate on their task. There are many more things you can do to promote a more stress-free office environment over the holidays, the best way to plan things ahead is to look for HR software companies, like Source It which provides the best HR management software as well as enterprise recruiting solutions.

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